Modular Binding Machines: How Interchangeable Dies Save You Space AND Money

Modular Binding Machines: How Interchangeable Dies Save You Space AND Money

Imagine a work environment that requires more than one or two binding styles available.

For example, a print shop needs to be able to bind books with either plastic spiral coils or 3:1 pitch twin-loop wires, depending on the project assignment.

A quick solution would be to purchase a dual-function binding machine like the Akiles DuoMac; however, keep in mind that this machine can only perform two functions.

The same print shop from our example just received an assignment that requires 2:1 pitch twin-loop wires. Should they purchase a new binding machine solely devoted to 2:1 binding?

Technically, yes the shop could buy a new separate machine. But if that print shop had originally purchased a modular binding machine with interchangeable dies, they would only have to purchase the newly required die set.

Modular binding machines are highly valuable in environments that use multiple binding styles in the same workspace. Rather than purchasing an additional binding machine devoted to only one binding style, users with modular binding machines simply purchase a new die set.

Replacement die sets are not only easier to store than a whole other binding machine, but they are easy to replace when the dies grow dull and no longer punch as effectively. One can save hundreds of dollars by simply replacing a machine’s set of “teeth,” rather than replacing the whole machine!

Modular binding machines are available in both manual and electric models, offering solutions to work environments with varying project volumes and budgets.

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