What is Metal Wire Binding?

What is Metal Wire Binding?

What is Metal Wire Binding? Metal Wire Binding or spiral binding uses a spring like spiral or wire to bind your documents together. Books that have been metal wire bound can be opened with a 360 degree rotation. We have metal wire bound supplies available in a range of colours including black, white, blue and a silver option. Learn more about metal wire binding in our blog post.

What is Metal Wire Binding?

So what is metal wire binding? Metal wire binding spines are a preferred option if you want to have the ability to open your bound books at a 360 degree rotation. This can be an excellent space spacer on your desk as you can fold the book from back to front. Metal Wire binding is commonly used for notebooks or art books from A4 to A3 sizes. The metal wire is inserted and twisted through punched holes in the paper sheets. The spiral wire holds the book cover and pages together in a professional manner.

The specially designed metal wire means that there is no stress added to the spine when the bound books are open. The flexible spine allows you to open the bound book and lay it on a desk without the book closing on you. Compared to other binding methods, this is where the metal wire binding method stands out.

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