What can I create using Comb Binding?

What can I create using Comb Binding?

Plastic comb binding machines are very popular office devices because they offer a simple way of creating impressive-looking books. These machines are perfect for creating professional documents such as marketing proposals, brochures, and so on. However, comb binders can also be used for creative purposes and it can be handy to have one around if you’re a crafter, writer, or other creative type. Here are some things you put together with one of these machines…. 

Self-published works. Have you written a novel or a collection of poems? Are you trying to put together an anthology? If so, a comb binding machine will give you the means to put together a book that will impress your friends and readers. Plastic combs can bind documents containing as few as 10 pages or as many as 425 so they’re perfect for long and short works.

A photo album. Whether you’re deeply into photography or just want to put together a collection of family snapshots, you can create your own photo album with one of these document finishing devices. You can print the pages out on your color printer and then put the book together in just a few minutes. It’s quick and easy.

Your own customized scrapbook. If you’re into scrapbooking, a comb binder is something you might use frequently. You can pick out your own covers and paper stock and then create your own scrapbook out of these supplies. This will enable you to use your right brain and allow you to create something of which you can be proud.

Music books. Are you a songwriter and/or a musician? If you are, you can publish your own books of music and share them with friends, family, and fellow musicians. And if there are a lot of loose pages consisting of lyrics and musical notations around the house, a comb binder can help you put these sheets into a book so they’re better organized and all in one place.

Coloring books. If you’re an artist or know some who is, you could create a coloring book for your favorite kid. Just gather up some line drawings and organize, punch, and bind them. It couldn’t be easier.

School projects. Students can get a lot of use out of comb binders as they can be used for a variety of items including reports, literary anthologies, etc. Teachers are much more impressed by a bound documents than one that’s merely been stapled.

Your own creation. Chances are you can come up with your own creative uses for a comb binding machine. Let your imagination run wild!

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