The main purpose of the documental punching machine

Time: 2012-05-08
CombBind is a trade GBC manufactures the machine name. financial punching machine combBind machine's various functions, ranging from completely manual operation to electric punch and semi-automated process of integration. Despite their differences, the binding process is roughly the same, easy to learn. Simply put, this process involves placing a front and the back of the cover of each report or pursue all of this as a binding or the spine of the comb binding edge. CombBind machine is a reliable and economical means of binding reports, presentations and brochures. Shackles of the speeches, reports and pamphlets, to enhance their professional image, and can help ensure a competitive advantage.
1.One familiar with the machine the CombBind to be used. There is a mechanism to keep the comb and the teeth to separate, so that the paper can be fixed once punched a hole. -On practice to place the comb and use the "open" comb lever or knob. If you have extra paper, practice setting margins, adjust the page and punch. This is a manual lever or push the button of an electric motor. Check the recommended maximum number of pages red. Please note that a different margin settings for report covers, which is larger. Stamping manhole cover, documental punching machine do not forget to change the settings.
2.The two combinations for a single binding necessary materials. This will include a report, comb binding, and front and back cover. Select the work of the comb should be the appropriate size of the report. Common the CombBind comb the size range from 1/4 to 1 inch. Less than 12 reports will look much better than one in a higher capacity large in a small comb. Grade and weight of paper, keep the mind not only the number of pages that can affect what kind of diameter comb.
3 Select page punch. This book is a short 10-page report, you may be able to red as a step in the entire report. You must punch in the segment of large reports or books. Inspection machines, time stamping the maximum number of pages. Always allow the segment to save on wear and tear of the machine smaller than the maximum allowed. When The CombBind the machine does not automatically align the paper to take care of carefully punch alignment page.
4Paragraph 4 a punching holes or report, to maintain the correct order. The spine backwards comb binding. Using the appropriate lever or knob to open the comb. Comb teeth will move forward side of the machine open. Comb through the holes slide on paper. When completed on the report cover. perforating machine close the comb the release of the bound report.

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